Spin Art T-Shirts, Spin Art Cards, Airbrush Tattoos, Airbrush Garments, Caricature Artists, Face & Body Painting, Henna Tattoos, Sand Art

Spin Art T-Shirts

Spin Art T-shirts are super cool! You will enjoy it whether you’re a kid or an adult. We can comfortably do 12-15 shirts per hour per machine. We bring along a flash dryer which speeds up the drying time. Your shirts will be dry in just a few minutes and ready to wear home!

Choose from many primary colors of paint as well as fun glitter colors, glow or neon paint. No two shirts are alike! Provide your own t-shirts or we are happy to provide them for you.

Spin Art Cards

Spin art cards are a fun way to express your creativity.  You never know what they will look like until the wheel stops spinning.  Just like snowflakes, not one spin art design is like an another.  This is a great addition to any event!

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos are a huge hit with the young and the old at any event!

Choose from dozens of designs or let our artists create one for you.

Airbrush Garments & Other Items

Our talented freehand artists can also airbrush designs on t-shirts, beach towels, draw string back-packs, ball caps and many other garments that your guests can enjoy for years to come.

Caricature Artists

Capture the moment of any event with a keepsake caricature!

Our talented artists have a great eye for detail with a comical twist.

Each artist has their own flare and will send your guests home with a memory they will keep for years to come!

Face & Body Painting

Our Face Painters are professionals with passion for their artistry.

Our artists offer dozens of creative choices, elaborate or simple.

  • Cheek art
  • Full faces
  • Arms or hands

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattooing is a form of temporary body decoration similar in appearance to a tattoo, although the color of henna is usually somewhere between red, orange, brown or burgundy. The tattoos are generally an intricate design. These can be done on hands or arms and will last a few days or until washed off. Henna tattoos are best for smaller groups as each design can take up to 10 minutes to complete.  We can also do airbrush henna tattoos using stencils and regular airbrush tattoo paint.  They look like real henna but go on a bit faster!

Sand Art

Sand art is a fun craft for any party or event.  Each sand design is unique. We offer a variety of necklace shapes and the kids can fill them with colorful sand and wear them home!